About Remodel Moore
Remodel Moore are experts in historic home remodeling projects, building on our passion for the established neighborhoods we call home. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of these homes, and bring our design and construction expertise, respect, quality work, and top-notch crew to produce an amazing result that transforms an owner’s experience with their home.

The RM Promise
Every Remodel Moore project comes with our promise:

  • To deliver a beautiful, custom, high-quality remodel that preserves the integrity of your home;

  • To provide a top-notch crew that addresses your unique needs and treats you with respect and kindness throughout the process;

  • To fully communicate project updates through a dedicated project manager and our industry-leading communication software, Co-Construct; and

  • To donate all of your unusable building materials and appliances to a local organization and hand the tax credit over to you.